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At 24/7 Realty School of Nevada, our support for you doesn’t end just after you finish your online real estate course — our goal is to get you hired and working as a licensed agent! 

Check out some of our awesome brokerage partners below that love working with new agents! Send us an email at info@247realtyschool.com with your preference and we will be happy to set you up with a private interview to meet with them.


The Brodkin Group | Realty ONE Group

Richard Brodkin, President & CEO

✔️ $100 Million in Sales

✔️ Top 1% of Teams in the Nation!

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GK Properties & Investments | A Zillow Group Partner!

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TR Realty

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Rooftop Realty

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Do I need to join a Brokerage?

• Yes, you must join a brokerage to receive your real estate license. 

• Find a company that has a proven track record of success. A new real estate agent needs a company that has proven systems, education, and lead generation tools that you help you convert leads to closed transactions.

• Choose a broker that offers services such as: name recognition, training and mentoring, broker support, tools and systems, technology, staff support and a professional facility and prime locations.

How many hours do I need to get my Nevada Real Estate License?

• 90 hours of education are required to obtain a Nevada Real Estate License.

• The entire education requirement can be completed online, at your pace!

Can I take the classes at home?

• Yes! The entire course has been designed to be completed online, at your pace!

How long do I have to complete the course?

• You will have 1 year access to complete your online course.

• We have found that students that commit to a daily study schedule and timeline, perform better on the exam.

• On average, students have completed the course in as little as 2 weeks up to about 2 months. It all depends on you and your goals!

• The online program is self-paced, with reading assignments, study notes, instructor video review and quizzes.

What exams do I need to take to get my license?

• There are 2 exams that you must take to get your Nevada real estate license:

Exam #1: 24/7 Realty School Final Exam: The school’s final exam is recommended to be taken after you have completed all of the online units, read through the study guides, and have taken the practice exams and quizzes. The final exam will be taken online in your course portal. You will then receive your Certificate of Completion.

Exam #2: Pearson Vue Exam: Once you have passed the school’s final examination with a score of 75% or better and received your Completion Certificate, you are ready to take your Nevada Real Estate State Licensing Exam at the Pearson Vue Test Center (test center locations will be provided in your online course).

• There will be 2 portions to the exam: 1) General (National) content, and 2) Nevada State Law content. Both portions of the exam can be take on the same day for one price. If you fail either portion of the exam, you will have to pay the exam fee again and only retake the portion that you failed (either National or State).

Are there any study guides to prepare for the exam?

• Yes! Your course includes a lot of great study resources:

• Chapter study notes for each unit

• Instructor-led video lecture reviews

• Practice quizzes

• Video key points inside your course eBooks

• National and State Law Study Guides

2 Practice Exams


How do I apply for my license with the Nevada Real Estate Division?

Nevada Real Estate Division – Initial License Requirements

1. Application Form (provided in your online course).

2. Fingerprint Submission Form: Fingerprints can be taken at the 24/7 Realty School office in Las Vegas through Accelerated FingerprintsBe sure to mention that you are a student at 24/7 Realty School to get $5.00 off your fingerprints!

3. Original State and National passing exam results from Pearson Vue dated within last 12 months.

4. Application Fee: $125.00

5. Education requirements: Proof of pre-licensing education by certified transcripts or certificates (Certificate of Completion is provided by 24/7 Realty School of Nevada).

Where can I get fingerprinted?

• Fingerprints are required to apply for your real estate license.

• Get your fingerprints taken as soon as possible as results take 1-2 months to be received by the Nevada Real Estate Division.

• Bring a valid ID with you to Accelerated Fingerprints (located in the same office as 24/7 Realty School) and mention you are a student to get $5.00 off your fingerprints!

Address: 3160 S. Valley View Blvd, Ste 108, Las Vegas, NV 89102

Fingerprint Office Phone (call or text): 888-860-3031 ext. 4

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Am I required to apply with the Board of REALTORS®?

• No, not all real estate agents join the REALTOR® organization, but your brokerage may require you to join the Board.

• In addition, you must join the Board of REALTORS® to use the local MLS (Las Vegas licensees).

• Visit LasVegasRealtor.com for more information.