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How Much Do Nevada Real Estate Agents Make?

• According to Indeed, the average base salary for full-time Nevada Real Estate Agents is $102,524, with the highest earners reporting over $200,000.

What if I am already a licensed agent in another state?

•  Click here to view the requirements to get your Nevada Real Estate License!

Do you offer Post-Licensing, Continuing Education, Broker and Property Management Classes?

What's the difference between taking a real estate class in college versus through 24/7 Realty School?

Did You Know…Enrolling in a Real Estate program through a college or university could cost you up to $25,000 in tuition! With our streamlined online school, you only pay a small fraction of that fee!

How do I get started?

• Getting started is easy! Simply add your course below, pay and begin!

• The course covers both the National and Nevada State Law portions of the real estate licensing exam as required by the Nevada Real Estate Division. 

Nevada Real Estate Pre-Licensing Online Course Package (120 Hours), includes Study Guides, Video Lectures, and Exam Prep! $199.00 Modify & complete order below

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How many hours do I need to get my Nevada Real Estate License?

• The online real estate course is self-paced and can be completed on your schedule!

• You will have 1 year access to the course content.

After taking the school's final exam, you will receive a certificate of completion.

• Program hours may be viewed here

Can I take the classes at home?

• Yes! The entire course has been designed to be completed online, at your pace!

How long do I have to complete the course?

• You will have 1 year access to complete your online course.

• We have found that students that commit to a daily study schedule and timeline, perform better on the exam.

• On average, students have completed the course in as little as 2 weeks up to about 2 months. It all depends on you and your goals!

• The online program is self-paced, with reading assignments, study notes, instructor video review and quizzes.

What exams do I need to take to get my license?

• There are 2 exams that you must take to get your Nevada real estate license:

Exam #1: 24/7 Realty School Final Exam: The school’s final exam is recommended to be taken after you have completed all of the online units, read through the study guides, and have taken the practice exams and quizzes. The final exam will be taken online in your course portal. You will then receive your Certificate of Completion.

Exam #2: Pearson Vue Exam (additional fee): Once you have passed the school’s final examination with a score of 75% or better and received your Completion Certificate, you are ready to take your Nevada Real Estate State Licensing Exam at the Pearson Vue Test Center (test center locations will be provided in your online course).

• There will be 2 portions to the exam: 1) General (National) content, and 2) Nevada State Law content. Both portions of the exam can be taken on the same day for one price. If you fail either portion of the exam, you will have to pay the exam fee again and only retake the portion that you failed (either National or State).

Are there any study guides to prepare for the exam?

• Yes! Your course includes a lot of great study resources:

• Chapter study notes for each unit

• Instructor-led video lecture reviews

• Practice quizzes

• Video key points inside your course eBooks

• National and State Law Study Guides

2 Practice Exams


How do I apply for my license with the Nevada Real Estate Division?

Nevada Real Estate Division – Initial License Requirements

1. Application Form (provided in your online course).

2. Fingerprint Submission Form: Fingerprints can be taken at the 24/7 Realty School office in Las Vegas through Accelerated FingerprintsBe sure to mention that you are a student at 24/7 Realty School to get $5.00 off your fingerprints!

3. Original State and National passing exam results from Pearson Vue dated within last 12 months.

4. Application Fee: $125.00

5. Education requirements: Proof of pre-licensing education by certified transcripts or certificates (Certificate of Completion is provided by 24/7 Realty School of Nevada).

Where can I get fingerprinted?

• Fingerprints are required to apply for your real estate license and are a separate fee.

• Results are only valid for 6 months with the Real Estate Division before fingerprints need to be retaken again, so get fingerprinted as you are approaching applying for your license. 

Click here for a list of locations.

Do I need to join a brokerage?

• Yes, you must join a brokerage to receive your real estate license. 

• Find a company that has a proven track record of success. A new real estate agent needs a company that has proven systems, education, and lead generation tools that help you convert leads to closed transactions.

• Choose a broker that offers services such as: name recognition, training and mentoring, broker support, tools and systems, technology, staff support and a professional facility and prime locations.

Am I required to join the REALTOR® Organization?

• Not all real estate agents join the REALTOR® organization, but your brokerage may require you to join the Board.

• In addition, you must join the Board of REALTORS® to use the local MLS, list homes for sale, view and tour properties, and more.

• The membership fees are several thousand dollars. Visit LasVegasRealtor.com for more information.

What is the course refund policy?

The school's Refund Policy is regulated by Nevada Law NRS 394.449.

Refund Policy:

If a student withdraws or is expelled by school after the start of the training program and before the completion of more than 60% of the program (18 out of 30 days) and submits a request in writing, school shall refund to the student a pro rata amount of the tuition agreed, minus 10 percent or $150, whichever is less.

Note: The online program is designed to be completed in 30 days; the amount of days enrolled will factor in to the refund policy, not the amount of coursework actually attempted or completed by the student. 

As an example, if a student pays $199 for the real estate course and requests a refund after 12 days, that's 40% of the 30-day program. The school has earned $80 of tuition.

The school will also retain a 10% termination fee or $150, whichever is less, and in this case, 10% of $199 is $19, which is less.

Therefore, $199 (tuition) minus $80 (earned tuition) minus $19 (termination fee) equals $100, which is the refund due to the student:

Tuition Paid........................................ $199.00

Program Length.................................... 30 days

Days of Enrollment.................................. 12 days

Percent Attended ……………………………. 40% (12 out of 30 days)

Tuition Earned ………………………………… $80.00

Termination Fee ……………………………… $19.00

Refund due to student ……………………….. $100.00

NRS 394.449  Requirements of policy for refunds by postsecondary educational institutions.

      1.  Each postsecondary educational institution shall have a policy for refunds which at least provides:

      (a) That if the institution has substantially failed to furnish the training program agreed upon in the enrollment agreement, the institution shall refund to a student all the money the student has paid.

      (b) That if a student cancels his or her enrollment before the start of the training program, the institution shall refund to the student all the money the student has paid, minus 10 percent of the tuition agreed upon in the enrollment agreement or $150, whichever is less, and that if the institution is accredited by a regional accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education, the institution may also retain any amount paid as a nonrefundable deposit to secure a position in the program upon acceptance so long as the institution clearly disclosed to the applicant that the deposit was nonrefundable before the deposit was paid.

      (c) That if a student withdraws or is expelled by the institution after the start of the training program and before the completion of more than 60 percent of the program, the institution shall refund to the student a pro rata amount of the tuition agreed upon in the enrollment agreement, minus 10 percent of the tuition agreed upon in the enrollment agreement or $150, whichever is less.

      (d) That if a student withdraws or is expelled by the institution after completion of more than 60 percent of the training program, the institution is not required to refund the student any money and may charge the student the entire cost of the tuition agreed upon in the enrollment agreement.

      2.  If a refund is owed pursuant to subsection 1, the institution shall pay the refund to the person or entity who paid the tuition within 15 calendar days after the:

      (a) Date of cancellation by a student of his or her enrollment;

      (b) Date of termination by the institution of the enrollment of a student;

      (c) Last day of an authorized leave of absence if a student fails to return after the period of authorized absence; or

      (d) Last day of attendance of a student,

- whichever is applicable.

      3.  Books, educational supplies or equipment for individual use are not included in the policy for refund required by subsection 1, and a separate refund must be paid by the institution to the student if those items were not used by the student. Disputes must be resolved by the Administrator for refunds required by this subsection on a case-by-case basis.

      4.  For the purposes of this section:

      (a) The period of a student’s attendance must be measured from the first day of instruction as set forth in the enrollment agreement through the student’s last day of actual attendance, regardless of absences.

      (b) The period of time for a training program is the period set forth in the enrollment agreement.

      (c) Tuition must be calculated using the tuition and fees set forth in the enrollment agreement and does not include books, educational supplies or equipment that is listed separately from the tuition and fees.