Welcome Nevada Brokers – We Would Love to Be Your Training Partner!

24/7 Realty School can provide real estate pre-licensing education to your future agents with a 10% tuition discount, and the best part…you earn $20.00 every time a student enrolls!

1. Email us at info@247realtyschool.com with your brokerage name.

2. We will send you a unique coupon code within 24 hours to place on the flyer below.

3. Upload/email/post/share your flyer and coupon code anywhere you like!

4. Have additional questions? Call or text us any time at (702) 560-6361.

Your unique brokerage coupon code will be emailed to you within 24 hours after emailing us.

Simply download the PDF below and type the code in the blue fill-in field on the PDF flyer and hit save!

Would offering real estate pre-licensing classes directly inside your brokerage be an added benefit to your company? If so, contact us to make that dream that a reality!


We will add any of your current Brokers or Staff as Instructor Affiliates of our school, and you can use our training program and course materials to offer the in-person live classes at your office!


BONUS: You will receive an income of 50% of the tuition rate charged!


To get started, email us at info@247RealtySchool.com or text (702) 560-6361.