What is Title and Escrow?

When a buyer and seller agree on a home’s sale price and sign a mutually acceptable purchase agreement (yay!), the buyer will deposit the earnest money into the title and escrow company’s account — sort of like a good faith deposit which is ultimately applied to the buyer’s down payment.

The title and escrow company acts as a neutral third party between the buyer and the seller to collect the required funds and documents involved in the closing process, including the initial earnest money check, reviewing the loan documents, doing a title search, and keeping the entire transaction process as smooth as possible for both sides.

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    • Real Estate Market Reports – Numbers of homes sold, median home prices, homes sold by Zip code, market conditions, map of appreciation areas, and so much more!

    • Low-Contact & No-Contact Closing Options – From Remote Online Notarization and drive-up signings to regular mail and expedited delivery services, First American Title offers a variety of closing solutions that can help protect your health and the health of your customers and the greater community.

    • Remote Online Notarization has arrived as a secure, convenient alternative to traditional closings. Schedule time with me to learn about this exciting new service.

    • Deposit Earnest Money from your phone! – We’re excited to announce that First American Title now offers digital earnest deposits through Zoccam®. Why digital deposits? No need for couriers or drop-offs Immediate confirmation of deposit Buyers can deposit their check directly – you never have to handle it! Saves time and creates streamlined experience If real estate agents are in possession of the check, they can deposit earnest money on behalf of clients.